Let’s get acquainted.


As a Hussman Media and Journalist student, my studies are focused on journalism. I write for Coulture Magazine, a fashion and lifestyle publication. I also write for The Durham Voice, a student-led community paper focusing on the happenings of Durham.


I work with The UNC NIL Store as a Student Ambassador which encompasses content creation for the storefront and its social media. This experience -alongside my coursework in Hussman- has enabled me to develop proficiency in Adobe editing softwares and design programs such as Canva and Figma.

Self-portrait project created by utilizing AI generated content alongside images captured at the NC Museum of Art.


I have been sewing and designing my own clothes for 5 years, and while my skills are amateur, I have passion for fashion and am fascinated by developments in the sustainable sector of the industry. I recently branched these passions into a new role as co-chair of merchandising of UNC’s Phi Alpha Delta Chapter.


Being born in England, my dual citizenship has opened me from an early age to embrace a love of travel. My dream destination is Sydney, Australia and my next trip is Seoul, South Korea where I will be studying media through an Eastern lens through Hussman’s Media in Asia course.